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Our Story

Started in 2015, Sansoft is a leading IT Solution Provider and System Integrator headquartered in Pune having PAN India Support. We are Enterprise IT Solutions Company with strong vision, integrity, in depth technical expertise and focus on customer service. We have more than 200 + satisfied customers, our main purpose is to enable organizations develop and sustain global competitive advantage through innovative IT solutions and services. This is facilitated by long standing partnerships with Global Giants like HP, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, NetApp, Vmware, Adobe, Symantec, QuickHeal, IBM, McAfee, Epson, Canon and others.

Our wide array of services focuses on helping enterprises implement the best IT Infrastructure strategies, improving performance, ensuring minimized downtime, reducing total cost of ownership and delivering business value.

  • Why Choose US ?

    Sansoft provides a comprehensive solution approach to your requirements by deploying presales consultants who understand your requirement and then design a solution which fulfils your requirement and enhances business productivity. Sansoft has a great sales team which invests its time in understanding your business pain areas and then propose a solution which meets your need, we will engage with you on a continuous basis and not only when you have a requirement.

  • Our Features

    Customized Solutions
    Our experts do a holistic analysis of your existing systems and customize products & services to ensure you have the most efficient IT systems

  • Seamless Integration with Existing System
    No need to dump your existing systems. We will upgrade your systems ensuring that there is no or very less inconvenience to your work

  • Software & Hardware Maintenance
    We offer maintenance services to many of our clients and all the systems and processes in this regard are streamlined to perfection

  • Efficient & Transparent
    All our services are efficient and transparent. No hidden costs or sudden surprises. For us, our client satisfaction is of the utmost value.

  • One Stop Shop
    We can be your one-stop shop for all your software and hardware needs. From OS to Cloud, Storage and Back-up to Security.

  • Experienced Professionals
    We offer maintenance services to many of our clients and all the systems and processes in this regard are streamlined to perfection

Our Partners

Our Mission

Our Vision is to be our clientele’s desired organization for technology integration and managed services.
Our Mission is to aim at maximizing value while minimizing costs, through endlessly integrating resources, processes and technologies, thereby becoming a top IT customer-centric delivery organization.

Our Clients

Our Principles

Trust may be based on a feeling that you have the other person’s back when he or she is not in the room. It may be the confidence you will advocate the other person’s point of view with clarity and understanding. Or, trust may be gained as you’re seen to act in the best interest of the team or organization rather than acting primarily to advance your personal agenda.
Integrity in leadership is often equated with courage- courage to speak up when your point of view is at odds with a manager’s perspective or with a commonly held belief about how things should be done. Integrity may also be interpreted as work ethic- in early, staying late to get the right things done for the company.
Honesty may be seen as transparency and openness- your willingness to communicate what you’re thinking or feeling, even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular. Honesty may be seen as a willingness to listen and discuss issues before the data is completely thought through, when available alternatives are not fully crystallized, and when decisions are not yet final. It may also be seen as keeping your word, following through on promises, and delivering on time.