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Professional Services

Our professional services assist clients in managing their day-to-day IT challenges while driving efficiency and enhancing service levels with the help of advanced technologies.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Sansoft customizes IT staffing solutions to address the individual requirements of each client and project. Our subject matter experts and consultants link people with performance to maximize Human Capital in today's competitive and changing economic and social environment. By leveraging Concept resources as an extension of their in-house staff, we customize solutions to address the individual requirements of each client and project. Our flexibility allows us to transform and scale needed resources based on need; matching technical resources to each requirement ensuring that the job is done right every time.

  • Available Services

    1. ● Scalability
    2. ● Server operations
    3. ● Storage operations
    4. ● Resource & technical assistance
    5. ● Infrastructure optimization services
    6. ● Transformation
    7. ● Staff augmentation

  • Cost Control

    Through our expert IT assessment system, we measure organisation’s critical IT function and identify its strengths and weaknesses so as to invest in the right areas. Our IT analysis and assessment is an expansive area that includes everything from Data storage, server infrastructure, cloud services, business applications and services, disaster recovery, network security, and a lot more.

  • Reduce Risk

    Sansoft has been instrumental in providing businesses with operational efficiency and enhanced performance through its intellectually crafted project management solutions. We bring together client’s expertise and tools required to create and sustain sustainable success for the organisation.

  • Multi Vendor Support

    With Sansoft multi-vendor support, streamline your IT maintenance support for software, hardware, and multiple vendors with just a single point of contact. We help you enhance your return on investment, reduce cost of IT support and enable predictable budgeting.

Cyber Security Advisory Services

Our cyber security advisory and IT consulting services provide a clear cyber security strategy, advising businesses on cyber security requirements. We help organizations maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical business assets. Our Advisory Services were designed with your realities in mind, built to help you prioritize your security initiatives, align them with your business, and get it all done yesterday. Assessment utilizes cybersecurity best practices and recognized cyber-frameworks to existing security program.

The goal of the Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment is to provide a view of your current security posture, an objective review of existing plans, and a guide to strategic planning. It will also help your organization develop tactical and strategic directions to further mature and strengthen your security program efforts.

As your trusted security partner, Sansoft Security Services simplifies security and risk with continuous, value-driven monitoring, management, and threat intelligence backed by global expertise. Sansoft Techsol offers the below managed Security services to the client

  1. ● Threat detection, prevention and Hunting services
  2. ● MDR Services providing SIEM and SOAR
  3. ● Security Device monitoring and management
  4. ● Support and Services Issue
  5. ● Security tools migration and transformation to cloud services
  6. ● Customer onboarding and transformations

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud computing is already the next big wave in Information Technology industry and Sansoft Techsol has the necessary experience and expertise to help you make the transition to the Cloud. We have emerged to be one of the leading cloud service providers in our own right. We offer cloud hosting solutions for our clients.

Sansoft Techsol helps you in bringing down the entire array of cloud computing sphere to your availability. For all the conventional local data centres your business has got,

There is a wide range of servers for which we offer Cloud Computing services. It is for all these servers we offer IT infrastructure migration at
1.Enterprise Servers
2.Email Servers
3.Database Servers
4.Backup Servers
5.Datacentre Servers

We offer the most cost-effective and user-friendly cloud hosting and computing services to your business and we will help you successfully transcend your business to the Cloud.

Data Migration

Effective use of cloud infrastructure is an important aspect that most, if not all businesses miss out on. Sansoft recognizes this common error and works with its clients, to nullify the same – Not only, however, by running the migration for our clients as a Google Apps reseller and solutions & services provider. Sansoft believes in the absolute enablement of its clients. Based on our clients’ scale and size of the team we offer:

  1. ● Migration
  2. ● Configuration
  3. ● Installation
  4. ● Training & consultation for effective use.

Software Licensing

Not just pre-business solutions and consulting services, but we at Sansoft Techsol have extended our services into the frontiers of Licensing as well. We help our clients stay out of issues that revolve around licensing and instead let them focus on their business. Sansoft Techsol exposes the concealed intricacies in Licensing to its clientele; thereby educating them about the types of Licensing available and suggesting them the right kind of license agreements for their products & services. Sansoft is endowed with all major software organizations licensed products to offer to its clients in a completely legitimate way.

Hardware Solutions

As a service provider, Sansoft setup the IT infrastructure, provides best prices and quickest deliveries possible. For pre-sales and after-sales Sansoft has dedicated, certified and skilled man-power. In addition to one-time setup, client can sign in Annual Maintenance Contract with Sansoft where in Sansoft’s engineers visits the site to resolve problems and help clients prevent breakdowns. Sansoft is a partner of HP, IBM, Lenovo & Dell but Sansoft is vendor-neutral solution provider and recommends solution that suits the clients best.

Network Services

Sansoft is a trusted partner at the forefront of Network Transformation as well as Network Management leveraging new technologies and delivering them efficiently.
We offer Networking Solutions:

  1. ● Network Consulting Services
  2. ● Network System Integration Services
  3. ● Network Implementation Services
  4. ● LAN management, WAN / WLAN management
  5. ● Unified Communications
  6. ● VoIP; Network Operations Centre
  7. ● Managed and Unmanaged Structured Cabling Solutions
  8. ● Converged Local / Wide Area Networking solutions including switching, routing, Wireless networks for Existing as well as New Network Infrastructure
  9. ● Data Centre Network Solutions
  10. ● Bandwidth Optimizing Solutions
  11. ● Network Audits including Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Tests (VAPT)